‘Lest We Forget’ exhibition at the Royal Armouries Museum

The ‘Lest We Forget’ exhibition at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds was written by learners on the UK KC-Mem pilot project. The exhibition explores how we remember the First World War, which stories we choose to remember, and which have been forgotten. On until 31 January 2016.


A Taste of memory in Poland

At the beginning of December Łomnica-Zdrój (Poland) held a promotion of the publication “A Taste of memory. Culinary traditions from Łomnica-Zdrój”. The meeting was opened by regional assembly performance “Children of Łomnica”. Then there was a ceremony of awarding diplomas to the participants. A special award was received by mrs Maria Lis, author of poems which were included in the publication – her picture (to our delight) was on the cover of the KC-MEM booklet “Using Historical Memory in Adult Learning”. At the end of the meeting our guests are given regional cuisine specialties: łomniczanskie dumplings, pancakes fried on baking plate, soup made of cabbage and trouts fried on sour cream. The meeting was accompanied by a small exhibition, which presents fragments of memories of childhood flavors. We hope that the book “A Taste of Memory” will appeal to all who reach for it! (photos thanks to Lucyna Latała-Zięba).


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Presentation of the book: “San Joan Ikastolaren Sorrera” in Segura (Basque Country)

On December 3rd, adult learners from the Basque Country KCMEM group presented the book “San Joan Ikastolaren Sorrera” in the cultural centre of Segura, which gathers the memories collected during the pilot experience.

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Ad-hoc meetings with key stakeholders for the exploitation of the KC-MEM project’s results

The KC-MEM Cypriot team from Frederick University (Cyprus) organized different meetings on the 4th, 11th, 12th and 13th of November, 2015 with key stakeholders to promote the exploitation of the project’s results. In particular the team met with different teams from the Ministry of Education and Culture (Adult Education Centres and European and International Affairs Office), from the Multipurpose Municipal Center of Nicosia Municipality and from the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus. The meetings included a presentation of the project and its results with emphasis on the manuals that are freely available in all partner countries’ languages. All meetings were successful as the focal point of the discussions that took place was how these stakeholders could utilize the outputs of the KC-MEM project to develop their own programmes for adult learning.

CY meetings2

Workshop for the exploitation of the KC-MEM project’s results

On the 5th of November, 2015 the Cypriot team of the KC-MEM project (Frederick University) organized a training seminar as part of its exploitation activities. The training seminar was open to various interested parties and took place at Frederick University. The participants were mostly representatives of refugee municipalities and communities and showed deep interest in the use of historical memory in non-formal adult educational programme. They had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with different aspects of the KC-MEM project and through hands-on activities to start thinking of how their organization could adopt the KC-MEM methodology in order to construct their own adult educational project. CY meetings1