Project outputs

Guide on the use of memory in the adult learning environment

(English /  Castellano / Italiano / Polski  /Slovenščina / Eλληνικά )

This guide aims to be a user-friendly document which helps any kind of organisation, familiar or not with the concept of memory, to start a process of recovering local memories and using it as a learning environment in adult learning. It cover aspects such as: What is historical memory ; the process of collecting individual memories and transforming them into historical memory  and historical memory in adult learning

Using Historical Memory in Adult Learning. A guide for organizing an educational project

(English / Castellano / Euskara / Italiano / Polski / Slovenščina /  Eλληνικά )

This education plan includes a brief definition of historical memory, a summary of the benefits of working with historical memory for adult learners,  A teaching plan, and brief case studies to show how the teaching plan can be adapted to different adult learning environments.

Manual on how to organize a KCMEM educational project

(English / Castellano /Euskara /Italiano / Polski / Slovenščina /  Eλληνικά )

Based on the pilot experiences, it is aimed at gathering, explaining and offering guidance on all the aspects to be taken into account when organising an educational program based on local memories.

A Kit for Validation and recognition of skills in non-formal adult education

(English / Castellano / Euskara / Italiano / Polski / Slovenščina /  Eλληνικά )

This document provides simple guidelines and tools for validating the learning outcomes in the path of non-formal adult learning.