Project objectives

We have developed an innovative and competency-based educational project aimed at the recovery, identification and gathering of local memories inscribed into tangible or intangible forms.

The educational experience is aimed at narrating the memories into a visible and sustainable format (creative output) to share it with the rest of the local community, in order to build up local identities and strengthen local and civil society.

Some of the project objectives are:

  • To develop an educational framework based on innovative educational practices such as Project Based Learning, Dialogic learning and Learning by doing, which contributes to improve the quality, creativity and innovation in adult learning.
  • To foster the acquisition of transversal competences (critical and analytical thinking, team working, communication), key competences (digital, social and civic, cultural awareness) and specific skills (management, research, interviewing, etc.)
  • To introduce the multi-perspective of History and historical thinking in adult education by confronting local history with local memories.
  • To include the European dimension and context of the local memories, in order to strengthen the European identity and empathy between European local communities
  • To narrate the local memories using different formats (digital stories, exhibition, performance, bank of memories…) which will contribute to develop specific competences of learners as well as to share the local memories with the rest of the community.
  • To build up and strengthen local identity and local civil community, by stressing the collective memory and common values and beliefs of a certain community, contributing to social cohesion and active citizenship, in the framework of European identity