Polish pilot experience

The workshops “Taste of memory” took place in a beautiful mountain village in Łomnica-Zdrój. The main subject of the classes was the regional cuisine, and participants talked about food, but also customs and rituals, agriculture, farming and everyday life. Through the discussion, they tried to reach the memory of old tastes and memories of different generations. Overall, 30 recipes for local dishes were collected and old kitchen utensils were used as a vehicle to connect the memories. Other activities included organizing intergenerational workshops dedicated to decorate Easter eggs (pisanki) and a trip to the mountains to find old mineral water springs.

All classes were co-created by participants, and the Association for the Development of Łomnica-Zdrój and the Municipal and Community Cultural Centre in Piwniczna-Zdrój were involved in coordination and organization of the workshops. On the basis of the workshops and discussions, participants realized that local traditions are very important for small communities and it is important to cherish them.

As a result of the workshops, a booklet about regional cuisine and an exhibition devoted to culinary traditions in Łomnica will be produced.  There’s also a plan to promote the project during the annual festival of local dumplings – Pierogi Łomniczańskie.