Italian pilot experience

In Italy the pilot experience was developed in Fanano Municipality. The region has been working on Historical Memory thanks to the Association “Gothic-Line, Laboratory of Memory”. The experience involved a group of tour operators, members of the “Gothic Line” Association, who work on memory through the methodology of living diorama. They were all historians and researchers, a group of men from 40 to 54 years old.

In the first phase they worked on the concept of memory and the difference between history and memory. Then, they built the narrative of the places, through a comparison of memories in order to insert them in the historical context of the events. This allowed them to create a self-guided trail to discover important historical sites of Fanano, stimulating the active participation of adults and seniors and facilitating knowledge transmission between the participants and empowerment of their skills.

Using a map of the municipality, the self-guided trail was designed using techniques of Orienteering, taking inspiration from French Randojeu, and features historical places of Fanano linked to the IIWW.

The game will be presented and proposed to the citizens of Fanano, during which they could play to discover the places and the memories of the city. The group of participants has decided to offer this trail as a tourist attraction aimed at schools or groups, as a moment of playful animation, but at the same time also as a research program.

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