Cypriot pilot experience

The local Cypriot Educational Program titled “The cultural life of the people of Lapithos until mid-1970s: ‘teasing’ memory” gathered everyday memories of people who used to live in Lapithos area in Cyprus before the Turkish invasion.

A group of energetic and enthusiastic adults, five men and nine women between 46-66 years old, participated in the educational program. The Cypriot team (Frederick University) was thrilled with the participants’ high level of engagement, which continued throughout the program, during seven meetings.

During the first meeting, participants were introduced to the concept of memory, as well as how it is transmitted and constructed. As a group, the adults discussed and identified the thematic units such as objects in Lapithos, school time and people’s habits before and after the invasion, gastronomy, and folk art. They also decided to set up a website to share their experiences. The website will be shared with the municipality of Lapithos and the youth association of Lapithos, as well as anyone interested in exploring the work conducted:

A booklet, which will include material posted on the website, will be given to the participants as a gift. Object-based learning and dialogic learning proved to be the most fruitful methods. At the conclusion of the meetings, participants brought objects and shared their stories with each other. Discussions, presentations, and individual and teamwork were generated. Audio and video recordings were made in every seminar.