British pilot experience

The UK team worked with a group of fourteen adult learners looking at historical memory as it relates to the First World War. The group were mainly retired people, a mix of men and women. They met for two hours a week over ten weeks as part of the wider Community Programme run by a local secondary school in Yorkshire.

Partipants had a visit to the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds to look at material held in the museum’s archive, view the galleries, and access physical objects relating to the war. The focus of the project was to look at why we choose to remember certain aspects about the war but not others, and see how that choice has been shaped by our communities and society. The project group worked in their spare time to create the content for an exhibition called ‘Lest we forget?’ which will be on display in the museum from November 2015 to January 2016 and forms part of the museum’s ‘Inspired by’ programme.