Basque pilot experience

KCMEM was piloted in the Municipality of Segura, in June 2015, where 8 adults took part (3 women and 5 men), aged between 40 and 70 years old. The main topic of the course was the setting up of the first Basque school in Segura during the end of the Francoist dictatorship (1960s -70s). Among the participants, 2 former students and the first teacher of that school, some parents and collaborators enrolled to work with their memories.

Participants experienced the meaning of creating a common discourse based on a collective memory and sharing it in a creative way through a radio program. To prepare this broadcast in a regional radio station, they first learned the differences between history and memory and brought old pictures and documents to share their personal experiences. After that, they interviewed relevant people involved in the creation of the first Basque school; and finally put together a common narrative to share the information through the radio.

A booklet will be prepared with the whole experience and shared with the inhabitants of Segura.